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We are sure that you know the standard teambuilding. An agency is looking for a nice place, and another company is taking care of the games the team will play. After that, a dinner or barbeque is organized with drinks and music. And everybody is happy. Really? Did you ever calculate the total costs against the results of the teambuilding? Was it worth the money that people only talk about the fun that they had and not knowing how to apply what they learned (if that is the case) in the daily team?
When a company wants only fun as a teambuilding you have to look further than this website. But when you want and fun and a lasting result you are on the right address.  By a thorough preparation we make simulations that represent the behavior of the team in their daily work. Off course we work with active simulations that is appreciated by all participants. But we are also sure that our approach is worth your money. 
In the movie that you can find on this page we give you an impression how our teambuilding looks like.