Implementing the strategy

Often strategy is seen as a guidance used by the management. And management is deploying the tasks to their team(s) so that the company get the results that are described in the strategy. But, this way of working is not good enough anymore. The reason is that customers and end-users demand more and more of companies. Not only products but also service and a correct attitude and fast response. You cannot translate these intangible things in procedures and rules. All people in the company need to know what is of them expected in behavior, attitude and actions. That also means that they have a responsibility towards the customers and company. Therefor they need to know the strategy of the company, not in terms of a long report or corporate language, but in clear and understandable sentences. When a colleague of us was in the United States for half a year to do a research regarding strategy he found out that companies with a clear strategy that was deployed to all employees were significantly more successful. Together with him we developed a workshop that we implemented for more than 50 times in companies. All with success. At the beginning of the workshop we show as an introduction for the strategy workshop a movie. A part of that movie you can find here. If you are interested to know more about our approach, please contact us. We are more than willing to explain you more.