Team Cooking A La Carte

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If you want to have fun combined with a real teambuilding event, our new concept A La Carte is perfect for you. Together with Chef Daniel Wendorf, the founder of Artisan Cooking, we developed this new team cooking concept for Romania, based on ‘hot’ topics in companies such as: project management, time management, ‘out of the box’ thinking, communication, decision making, sales management, or a special one for you.

In half a day, your team will cook and eat an excellent lunch or dinner in which one of the topics above or your own topic will be included during the time that the team is cooking. Expect the unexpected! But for sure we will take care that everyone is going home with an excellent experienced and with new learning points which they can use in the daily business practice.

Before the event, Toine Kets will have a short meeting with your company in order to establish the objectives of the event. Based on this information, Chef Daniel and Toine will develop the menu and the way of working. During the cooking time, Chef Daniel and Toine won’t only observe the team dynamic, but will give also useful tips. During and after the meal, the team get feedback of their work as a team in the kitchen and in their daily work.

For more information and how to book, please contact us:


Actinote +40 723 535 685

Artisan Cooking +40 724 522 262