Growing your sales

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The course Commercial Behavior for Business Developer (CBBD) was designed for the Romanian market to develop the commercial skills of sales representatives in a not typical sales environment. The course has 6 course days divided in 3 modules, with brief theory and extensive practice, cases and role-plays with a strong connection with the daily work. The interval between the modules is one to two months, a period in which the participants need to fulfill a given task with direct reference on the learned module. Or to make the process even more powerful we use “Field-coaching” for extra results.
The objective of this course is to acquire behavioral markers and techniques, to develop commercial reflexes and to optimize each key stage of the sales process, simplify their life and improve results.
Till now we had over 150 participants for this in-house course. The results are outstanding and the participants are very satisfied. Almost all of the participants wrote in their evaluation that they gained more trust  in themselves and in their selling skills. They learned how to deal with (new) clients and in difficult situations. They found this course highly useful for their daily activity in work and superior from other courses they had in the past.

And we see this also in the business results. We called participants after the course to see their successes they attribute to this course. They said that they achieved an increase of the turnover of 10% (5% new clients and 5% for existing clients) with a higher profit (average 3 %).