Coaching & Team coaching

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In the past months we were very busy with coaching and team coaching. It brought us to Moscow, Warsaw, Belgrade, Bratislava, Frankfurt and Kiev. We have met there all passionate and motivated people who want to develop themselves and their management team. We organized every 4 weeks’ individual sessions combined with team sessions. In coaching and team coaching we use a structured systemic approach. That means that we get the questions from the coached but put that in the work environment. Therefor it is also important that we have a thorough knowledge of the company’s products, services and culture. Only then we can give the right advices and development. Our broad experience in companies and as leaders in the past ourselves we are able to help people to set the next step in their development and that of the company. The results show a dramatic improvement in turnover and profit. Coaching and team coaching is not the cheapest approach but in a lot of cases the benefits are much higher than the investments.  
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