Archive - December 2017

CEO's and intuition

A few years ago a research company tried to find out what made a CEO successful or not. They interviewed a lot of CEO’s, young matured and just retired. The outcomes from the matured and just retired top-leaders was a bit of a surprise. One of the questions in the questionnaire was: when you could do it over, what would you do differently? The outcome for the mature and just retired CEO’s was in 80%: rely more on my intuition. When they had important decisions to make they had all kind of data available. But when they looked back they realized that they often were not satisfied with the decisions they made only based on facts and figures. Mainly because their intuition told them something different. And that intuition couldn’t be made factual. It was more a feeling they had. And in businesses feelings don’t count that much. A decision has to be made rational, not based on feelings. But when you look closer, that rational is not so rational anymore.

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